Hoxton Hall Internship

I am currently interning at Hoxton Hall within their Design Agency. We are building the agency up from the ground, taking on all the projects that we can get our hands on. We are Illustrators, Graphic Designers, Product Designers and a Journalist! Half the time we complete the design projects, the other half we tutor 8-19 year olds with art and design projects. We are currently recruiting students, we have been going into secondary schools, talking in assemblies, and going to their fairs. We are about to start teaching in a couple the Schools, these will be in 5 week sessions. The first one is based on Narrative!

I am spending most of my time creating posters and flyers. My work is changing quite quickly in response to the quickness of the projects, often I only have a day or two to complete them.

 Did a mural. 

Laura Callaghan came in and helped us. Her figures are really nice, good movement.  

One of our projects is to document the heritage of the Hoxton Hall which is 150 next year. We are creating a publication of around 1500 books, the content is coming from the archives. This is an old poster from the archives of an event at Hoxton Hall.   

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