209 posts later, my love affair with Blogger seems to have died. I am in the process of creating a Tumblr for my work. Until then I am collecting images over on drawn-in.tumblr.com. Check out my Website too. Bye.


Secret 7''

I haven't posted much up lately. I am not quite sure if blogspot is still alive, everyone I know is moving over to Tumblr. I have a lot of stuff to post, not sure where to start.

Here is my image for the Secret Seven exhibition that opens at Mother tomorrow night! So exited to be asked to take part in the project. The images are to be printed onto 7'' record cover. Each one is in response to one of 7 songs. I can't tell you what song that is because that will ruin the secret. They sell for £40 and the money goes to the Art Against Knives charity. Ai Wei Wei and Gilbert and George are in the exhibition too, very exiting! secret-7.com


It's Nice That / Just Us Collective / Almanac

I am in the Just Us Collective Book, Almanac. It's a really nice book, very happy to be in it. It is featured on the It's Nice that Things section.  

Link to book HERE


Day Job / Pick Me Up 2013

Some of my friends and I have started a group/collective/business together. We named it after the book we made a couple of months ago, Day Job. The website and blog are up and running nicely, check it out:

We plan to create projects as a group and use the platform to promote our own work. Being a group gives us more weight when it come to applying for tingz... by which I mean Pick Me Up 2013! We were shortlisted and managed to get a spot at this years show at Somerset House. Best news ever. Everything else is strictly secret and confidential.

New Job / Peckham Space

I have a new job at Peckham Space art gallery for 6 months! I will be helping the gallery and artists put together projects based in and around Peckham. Last week I helped build a spaceship :|



Day Job

I am working with some of my friends from Camberwell, we made this book about our day jobs. 
I ice biscuits, not as romantic as it may sounds. 

I went awol with the ruler.  

The original drawing is in the OPEN 2012 exhibition at Peckham space until the 20th.

We made it onto the It's Nice That 'Things' page too.


Teaching some awesome A Level students at Camberwell Saturday School. 


Did this screen-print for the Howl at the Moon. Quite shit. Didn't have much time to do it. Getting paid in beer. This is my 200th blog post.


First Sino-Japanese War Illustrations

These were a big influence on my Jiggling atoms work. I was trying to employ some East Asian image making techniques to subtly heighten the sense of location (The Super Kamiokande that my pieces was based on is in Japan). I think a lot of my scenes and characters already hold many similarities to these images. 

I can't find who created them. I would love to know... Anyone? 


Jiggling Atoms / Super-K

Just finished the Jiggling Atoms show at the Rag Factory. 
There is an interview with me on the Jiggling atoms website Here

The whole experience has been amazing. I would like the thank Natalie Kay-Thatcher, Jennifer Crouch, 
Rosie Eveleigh, Malte Oppermann, Dr. Ben Still, Harriet Cory-Wright and everyone else involved. 

This was the context writing that was presented next to my work in the show:

The sequential pieces juxtapose the human, anecdotal side of the Super-Kamiokande, with the clean, graphic, often abstract forms that have come to represent scientific information and systems. The idea for tackling the subject in this way came about in Dr. Ben Still’s lecture, when he told the stories of some the people that work at the Super-K. The lyrically told narratives of these people Jarred with the previously straight talking, abstract discussions we were involved in regarding Nuclear Transmutation, Bose-Einstein Condensate and Cherenkov Photon. The idea of an anecdotal, human side applies to science as a culture, like any other that collects and shares it’s own narratives and human experiences. These are often passed on orally, distorted by time, cultural bounda­ries and language.

The Super Kamiokande is a huge Neutrino observatory underneath Mount Kamioka, Japan. With the use of thousands of photo-multiplier tubes and 50,000 tons of ultra-pure water, it detects Cherenkov radiation, which is emitted when a neutrino smashes into a water molecule. The radiation occurs when and a photon travels faster than the speed of light (which is slower in water than air). The Photo-multiplier tubes act like reverse light bulbs, detecting light rather than emitting it. With the use of powerful computers, the information collected can be used to learn more about neutrinos and their behavior. 

The narrative I have focused on is that of 3 young men who work in a small factory in the Japanese mountains. They have hand-blown the 11,000 photo-multiplier tubes that line the Super Kamiokande. Their age is of vital importance, for one, they should have many productive years ahead of them. In 2001, 6,600 of the photomultiplier tubes exploded, each costing around £2000. Secondly, being young and non-smokers, there will
be less impurities in the glass, which is crucial in such a sensitive piece of equipment. 


Hoxton Hall Promotion Poster

I gone all digital. 

Hoxton Hall Internship

I am currently interning at Hoxton Hall within their Design Agency. We are building the agency up from the ground, taking on all the projects that we can get our hands on. We are Illustrators, Graphic Designers, Product Designers and a Journalist! Half the time we complete the design projects, the other half we tutor 8-19 year olds with art and design projects. We are currently recruiting students, we have been going into secondary schools, talking in assemblies, and going to their fairs. We are about to start teaching in a couple the Schools, these will be in 5 week sessions. The first one is based on Narrative!

I am spending most of my time creating posters and flyers. My work is changing quite quickly in response to the quickness of the projects, often I only have a day or two to complete them.

 Did a mural. 

Laura Callaghan came in and helped us. Her figures are really nice, good movement.  

One of our projects is to document the heritage of the Hoxton Hall which is 150 next year. We are creating a publication of around 1500 books, the content is coming from the archives. This is an old poster from the archives of an event at Hoxton Hall.   



Got this from a car boot sale at Wimbledon stadium with Aaron. Is it funny? I am not sure.

'Dear rose. I hope that you will soon leave off crying like the old lady and begin to laugh again.' I can't read the last line but it looks like, 'Yours, tired Jim, cheer up'


Show @ Beach London

I had my work in Beach London as part of Just Us Collective. It was a nice little show. I created a new piece out of the emo gravestone/statue drawing. Conceptually weak (there wasn't one).

If anyone wants to buy this, simply ring up Southwark Town hall and pay my outstanding council tax bill. 


Show and Tell

I have been on a Blog fast since I graduated. 3rd year was so intense I needed to have a break from updating my blog, unfortunately I carried on working so I have loads of stuff to put up. My new approach to the blog is: less words, less drivel, less research.

So here are images from our really fun and tiring Mixed Special Show. It was great, we didn't sleep for a week. The website will be up for years hopefully.


 #Girls with power-tools
Apparently the walls were a lot stronger than they could have been.  

 A6 Flyer

Bye Bye Camberwell :(
I can't speak for the whole of the school because I have no idea, but BA Illustration was epic, thanks to all my tutors!